VTCloudy art by @/Glitter_djenna ON FIVERR

Glitter_djenna on FIVERR

Meet The Vtuber: VTCloudy

Introducing the Sky Prince, Cloud Von Aerial! If cosy vibes, a good sense of humour, and a variety of games are your thing you will love this Vtuber’s content! Cloud is incredibly welcoming to his new viewers and is interactive with his community. He isn’t just stream-focused and also produces content for TikTok and YouTube so it is easy to be an airhead, even if your timezones don’t mesh.

Cloud can often be found collaborating with other creators and, no matter who the squad is, he is a chill addition who brings excellent comic timing and diverse humour. If you are a comedy streamer fan… Go check out his shorts for sure!

  • Name: Cloud Von Aerial
  • Nickname: Cloud, Cloudy
  • Fan Name: Airheads
  • Hashtags:
  • Oshi Mark: ☁️👑
  • Streamer type: Seiso, Variety, Gamer, Cosy, Comedy

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